What We Do

John Kelley Golf specializes in the building and development of personalized golf swings for players with a desire to get better, regardless of age, physical conditioning, handicap or limitations.

Our personable and knowledgeable team of professionals will create and facilitate a plan structured to improve your golfing ability through the application of swing mechanics, physical and mental conditioning, while maintaining a stable learning environment designed for the optimum development of your golf swing.


"John Kelley really gets the credit for taking my game to where it is now. After being stuck as a mid 80's player for most of my life, instruction from John, and many hours of practice have taken 10 shots off my score. John works with me on things like posture, grip, and most importantly-attitude. John really helped me think better, maintain patience better, and lower scores have resulted. I highly recommend a half dozen lesson with John as the best way to play better golf."
-Ken Sandbach Las Vegas, NV

"I can’t tell you how many times I get asked where I learned to play this game...and I always tell them about how you taught me stuff I didn't even realize I was learning until later.
I have a passion to play this game well into the later years of my life...You taught me how to enjoy it, even when it can be tough to do so...and I haven't forgotten what you taught me."
-Tony Caporale Atlanta, GA