Who We Are

John Kelley PGA, is TPI Level 1 Certified and is a member of the PGA of America since 1993. His knowledge and experience...

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What We Do

John Kelley Golf specializes in the building and developing of personalized golf swings for players with a desire to get better, regardless of age, physical conditioning, handicap or limitations.

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How We Do It

Knowledge, Structure and Technology create the educational platform that John Kelley Golf is built on. We start by evaluating each student  to determine their physical conditioning...

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  • The development of the golf swing and golf technology is constantly changing and evolving!

  • The only consistent element in the game of golf is human error!

  • The hours of practice required in the creation of a world class golfer is over a thousand hours a year!

  • The golfer that wins…is the Golfer that makes the least number of mistakes!

  • Every world class golfer has a team of professionals that help them eliminate mistakes and achieve their goals!

  • John Kelley Golf has a team of professionals catering to the golfers desire to make fewer mistakes, achieve their goals and win more golf tournaments!

John Kelley Golf is one of the best indoor learning and training facilities north of Seattle Washington.

We provide Private & Semi Private Golf Instruction , Titleist Performance Institute Evaluations & Training. for Adults & Juniors